What is Pyrank?

Pyrank is an innovative media network which allows music makers and music fans to promote their favorite songs and earn money. Pyrank users can earn Pyrand virtual currency and trade those in for cash and products.

What are Pyrands?

Pyrands are our new online (virtual) currency - you earn credits if you upload content which is popular, and if you pick content which is popular. You can trade in pyrands for cash and products on Pyrastore

What is Pyrastore?

Pyrastore is where you can trade in pyrands for cash and products

What are Pyrastations?

Pyrastations are different pyrank stations on which you can experience music, videos, band interviews and more. You can even create your own by clicking the Add Station button

How do I listen to songs

Just click on any block in the Main pyramid

What is Pyraday and how can I benefit?

Pyraday happens every week on Saturday. On Pyraday top songs on Pyrank receive prizes - cash, pyrands and other things. You can see the countdown to Pyraday on the login-signup page or by going to your home page. Work with your fans to get to the top on Pyraday - and sign up for a promo with us.

Can I upload my songs?

Yes, as long as you own, or co-own, the rights to the song. Just click on the upload icon

Can others download my songs?

No, other users cannot download your songs, only listen via streaming

How do I find my song, or one of my favorites, on the main pyramid?

On the main song showcase page look in bottom right instapromo icon. Your uploaded songs and any in your Mine favorites pyramid show up here with their box color cycle. Look for the box color of your song in the main pyramid - you may need to zoom out. If you have a promo running you can also look for your promo, or your favorite artists songs, in the top right and left, and then can click that to play the song. Once your song is playing be sure to add to your Mine favorites pyramid by clicking + when it's playing.

How to tweet links to songs

Our song tweeter feature lets you tweet out a link to whatever song is currently playing. Look for the hearbeat-ing icon which shows up in the pyramid when the song playing. Then click tweet and your good to go. Then you and your twitter followers can play the song by clicking the link in twitter.

How do I discover new songs?

Click on the Shuffle Main box

How do I add a song to favorites?

Add a song to your Mine favorites pyramid by clicking while a song you like is playing.

How do I listen to songs in the Mine favorites pyramid?

Click on the Shuffle Mine box

How do I remove a song from favorites?

Remove a song from your Mine favorites pyramid by clicking while a song you want to remove is playing.

How are songs ranked?

1 point every time clicks on a song box (max 10 clicks per day per user - your pyrands can go down with overclicking), 10 points when someone adds the song to Mine favorites pyramid and minus 5 points when someone removes a song from Mine favorites pyramid

What is Flash Instapromo?

Our brand new feature, the Flash Instapromo, allows you to send out an instant promotional message to all pyrank users for any of the songs which you have uploaded or added to your Mine favorites pyramid. Great way to promote your music!

How do I contact Pyrank?

You can email us at info@pyrank.com - we would love to hear from you